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“We support our ventures from startup to scaleup,giving them access to operational support and the network they need to grow.”


De-risk new ventures while improving speed and likelihood of success
Realizing synergies within our portfolio companies and throughout our broader network.
Knowledge, Resources and networks are continously shared creating the right environment for growth.
What we bring to the table.

Supercharge your progress from day one

Network & Community

You'll become part of a community of supportive founders where founders bounce ideas off each other and provide support.


We fund startup from from pre-seed and aim to be a partner throughout the journey and continue investing more into our portfolio companies as they scale.

Active Involment & Support

We're on the ground supporting you with your day-to-day business operations. You'll have direct access to operational and strategic support you need to grow.

A True Partnership

We only built ventures we truly believe in. So if we choose collaborate, you can be sure we'll support you all the way.
No upfront
We don't ask for any consulting fees. We make money together, or if the venture does not succeed, we both lose.
We can jump in at any stage of your new venture. From the first glimpse of an idea to optimization of scaling up.
Aligned incentives
We align our incentives as close to yours as possible, ensuring we have enough "skin in the game"
Hands-on support
We provide strategic and operational support and work side by side with our founders to scale their businesses.

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our approach?

We are constantly seeking passionate founders who are the driving force behind the implementation of business models. No matter whether you approach us with your own idea, or whether we jointly implement one!
And see how your business could look like in 3-6 months.
Prototyping MVP

Strategy & Ideation

Development of a strategic plan for ventures to thrive. Generate and validate ideas.
Getting serious


Convert ideas into validated venture concepts and create a strong foundation.
Series A


Launch the new venture aiming for maximal impact.
Access to critical infrastructure


Continuous optimization of company's core functions, while fine-tuning growth funnels.

We don't just invest in startup companies, we invest in people.

We deeply believe the founding team is the most crucial part of a company. While we support founders from the get-go, we don't just provide a small investment - we want to be your partner for the long term.
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