corporate social responsibility

Last updated 10th April, 2022

Sustainability and Accountability

Recognizing our impact on the environment and making it a positive one.

We hold ourselves accountable for our carbon footprint. Our goal is to carry out our part in preserving the environment without compromising the success of our ventures. Mass production has proven to be harmful for the environment, so instead we go for quality over quantity. We are also minimal with our packaging, so that you can enjoy our products to the fullest.

Health and Transparency 

Sticking with what we know is best and being honest about it.

We are mindful of our actions and strive to be a good force in the world. Our mission is the make entrepreneurship more accessible, creating economical and social value within our communities and the broader network. As we are a startup ourselves, we know that we haven't nailed in everything yet , however we value transparency and encourage positive feedback.

Community development

Starting initiatives for causes that we care about.

We aspire to initiate projects and collaborations for sanitation, education, and relief of communities in need. Extending our reach brings us closer to this reality. We see this as one of our motivations to work even harder and improve ourselves as a brand.

Research and Education 

Providing you more than the tools you need.

Aside from building successful ventures, we make content and provide knowledge to our founder community and the ventures we partner with. We believe that information should go hand-in-hand with our operational support, ultimately to achieve an optimal environment to grow.

Work Ethics

Valuing our workforce and ventures we partner with

As a company we promote diversity, foster employee development, and give equal opportunities to employees regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, and sex. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassments, and other forms of right infringement. As we believe that everyone is entitled to express his/her personal style in his/her own workplace, we want the same for our employees. Our goal is to foster a safe and free work environment for self-expression and diversity. We value our workforce and hold our working conditions to an ethical standard. 

Aligning with the source

Collaborating and working with companies whose corporate social responsibilities we stand by.

To truly strive to achieve what we stand for in our ventures, we want to make sure that we see ourselves aligned with our partners in that respect. What they hold themselves accountable for and what they represent holds weight in our relationship as well. Their values and principles are just as important as the quality they offer us.

Data Privacy

Protecting your privacy.

Protecting customers' and employees’ information is  an important part in running our operations. We ensure that we continue to do so to keep a secure online environment for everyone. For more information on how we do this, you can read more about it in our Privacy Policy.