Content Syndication

Republishing of owned content on other sites

In content syndication, content is published, sometimes slightly modified on other sites. But that isn’t plagiarism. You aren’t copying someone else’s content without giving them credit; you are republishing your content with the inclusion of a caption or statement that original content is published somewhere else. This should not be confused with Guest Posts.

Guest posts mean publishing a fresh piece of content on third-party websites based on their terms and conditions. Fresh is the differentiator because, in content syndication, you aren’t creating new content. With content syndication, you revamp your already-published content in a new or similar format.

Syndications Models:

POSSE - Publish (on your) own site, syndicate elsewhere

A content publishing model that starts with content on your own domain or site, then linking it to 3rd party websites like Medium, Twitter or LinkedIn.

PESOS - Publish elsewhere, syndicate (to your) own site

A syndication model that starts with posting on 3rd party websites, then creating an achieve copy to your own domain or website.

PESETAS - Publish elsewhere, syndicate everything to a silo

PESETAS is one step down PESOS, where syndication flow starts with posting on 3rd party websites and then creating a copy on at one silo.

PASTA - Publish anywhere, save to (private) achieve

A concept of automatically saving content you post on social media to your private server or local files on your laptop.

S2S - Silo to Silo

This is the most common syndication model, where you post on medium for example and share it per share button to other social media platforms like twitter or LinkedIn.


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