Consumer Direct Marketing

Consumer Direct Marketing is a marketing strategy where companies advertise their products or services directly to the consumer, thus eliminating the middle man. Traditionally, companies would promote their products or services via media outlets like TV and radio stations.

Although these are still being used and still very effective, it does not allow the companies to personalize their messages. This is the one major advantage that consumer direct marketing strategies have over the traditional marketing.

With direct marketing strategies companies can tweak their messages as much as they want and send it directly to their consumers. This gives the message a personalized touch which also increases conversion rate.

Types of consumer direct marketing strategies

Email marketing

Sending newsletters, promotions and other important updates directly to customers via email.

Mobile marketing

Using SMS, mobile apps and other mobile technologies to reach customers

Social media marketing

Reaching customers directly via social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.


Cold calling customers to tell them about your product or service that they could be interested.

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Consumer Direct Marketing
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